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Kiehl Northwest is a premier solutions provider dedicated to helping you be successful in leveraging technology for your organization. At Kiehl we realize that technology is not the end game. It is a measurable improvement to your current business.

Our approach to technology, whether it be large scale data systems or mobile implementations is to understand what drives your business and where you're looking to improve. This not only allows Kiehl to recommend the right technical solution but helps ensure the return on the investment you are looking for.

The team at Kiehl Northwest is a highly experienced, hand selected team based on their dedication and skills. We believe that our people define who we are as a company. They define our relationships and our success and that is why we have the very best.

Our Services

Kiehl Northwest provides your organization with a comprehensive solution set to meet any of your technology needs



With a strong focus on helping your organization develop a technology strategy, Kiehl Northwest looks at your business and helps you develop technology solutions around long term plans.



Software and data system development are the core of what Kiehl Northwest delivers. Highly skilled in both large and small technology solutions, Kiehl Northwest is ready to work with you in delivering the best solution.


Project Management

Project management is not only an understanding of how to manage a project but to anticipate change and risks. With centuries of collective experience, Kiehl Northwest is an agile partner that understands projects from beginning to end


We are always looking for motivated developers, project managers, technical writers, business analysts, and graphic designers.

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Step 1 - Analysis

is the process of breaking a complex topic or substance into smaller parts to gain a better understanding of it. It is the process Kiehl Northwest uses to understand your needs and bring forth the best solution for your organization.


Step 2 - Strategy

is the high-level plan to achieve one or more goals. It is how Kiehl Northwest ensures the system we design and develop is aligned to your business. We strive to improve your business, not just deliver technology.


Step 3 - Evaluate

is how we measure our success. Through our first two steps, Kiehl Northwest can define measurable goals to evaluate your project at various milestones. Upon completion, we will identify where improvement is needed and success achieved.


Step 4 - Execution

is the start to finish of the work defined. It is Kiehl Northwest taking in everything we have learned about your business and your goals. After collaboratively defining the best solution, we deliver it to your organization.

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